Airless Adapter

Airless AdapterIt is well known in the industry that drilling fluids, specifically water brings the MWT down and barite brings the MWT up. Air entrained in the system lowers the MWT and keeping the air out does not lower the MWT. If the MWT is lowered by air it takes more barite to raise it to desired level.

Prior to the Airless Adapter, there was NO WAY OF KEEPING AIR OUT of the mud. Each time the mud mixing hopper was turned on, unwanted air was introduced into the system --- the hopper is designed to mix liquid and air.

The Airless Adapter is DESIGNED TO MIX LIQUID WITH LIQUID to eliminate the intrusion of air in the hopper. An Airless System (not to be confused with a dustless system that does not reduce mud cost) REDUCES MUD COSTS.

The oil industry relies heavily on the Chinese to provide our Barite. They produce around 95 % of the Barite that we utilize thus making the industry vulnerable in this area. The Airless Adapter reduces Barite consumption by 30% thereby lowering the dependency on the Chinese by 30%. Help to reduce the U.S trade deficit and improve your drilling processes at the same time by using the Airless Adapter!

Change has always been difficult for Oilfield personnel. At one time the fishtail bit was preferred and there was a reluctance to use tri-cone technology. Once tri cone technology was accepted the same thing occurred with PDC. Today PDC is an accepted method. The Airless Adapter is another product that is subject to the learning curve. This Airless adapter should be employed on any rig that has a chemical mixing hopper that works on the Venturia system. In time this technology too will also come to be accepted as an industry standard. Fluid Solutions International has successfully completed over 100 jobs using the Airless Adapter. This is the only piece of equipment that will give you an accurate MWT. It's only available at Fluid Solutions International. At $145/day it is the " BEST DEAL IN THE OILFIELD "

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