The Airless Adapter- FAQ's

How does The Airless Adapter keep air out of mud?

By forming a liquid barrier between the jet and the atmosphere.

How does The Airless Adapter save money?

Less de-foamer is required when there is less air in the mud. $250 per 5 gallon bucket of de-foamer increases the cost substantially. The adapter allows you to save money if de-foamer consumption is high. Air in a mud system lightens the mud. It requires additional barite to maintain that weight. Barite savings can be as much as thirty percent.

How much trouble is it to install?

The barite tanks need to be elevated 12 inches when rigging up on land rigs. Actual rigging takes up 3 hours.

What is the cost?

145 dollars per day, per hopper.

What are engineering benefits?

A more accurate MWT, which gives a more constant bottom hole hydro static .

We have drilled all these years without The Airless Adapter why do we need it now?

Although the industry uses top of the line drives and PDC now, that was not always the case. The newest technology improves operations and provides cost effective savings.

What are cost benefits?
  1. 30% less Barite
  2. Rig time savings
  3. Less time spent on Rig pumps
  4. Less defoamer consumption
  5. Less polymer consumption