I have been using the Airless Adapter for the past three years
on different jobs with different operators. It has proven time and time again to save barite, time and money. I would recommend
the Airless Adapter to anyone.

Craig Durio, Project Manager with Petroleum Engineers, Inc.

We have just installed an Airless Adapter on one of our rigs. In the past we have had issues with air in the mud on most jobs. This was our first application with the Airless Adapter and we saw none of these problems. If anyone has any questions about the benefits of the Airless Adapter they can contact me.

Andy Simon, Owner / Superintendent with Crown Drilling / 337.654.9300

I have been using the Airless Adapter since 2009 and I am thoroughly satisfied with it’s performance. The Airless Adapter helps me to weight up faster.

Frank Guidry, Company Man with Hilcorp Energy

Using the Airless Adapter reduces the amount of entrapped air in the mud. You can see and hear the difference when using the Airless Adapter.

Al Bellaire